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Nice Thought

Posted on: July 28, 2009

small round icecream cake with cherries


Read this in TOI today .. loved the quote. It set a thinking cloud in me early in the morning.. So many times in life we are treated this way.. Enjoy the thinking! Catch you soon.

“So, let’s put it like this: I asked for a small round ice-cream cake with a cherry on top… and I got a 3-tier German chocolate cake with an extra supply of mango soufflé and butter cookies!! Now, that’s great. But the point is… where is my “small round ice-cream cake with a cherry on top?? Is that too much to ask for?”

Another way to look at this is, be happy and content when  life offers you something more when you ask for less? If that be the case, should we be thankful for what we recieved or grieve that we didnt get what we wanted??

Thinking cloud rising ….. 🙂

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Coz everything changes in life when you go beyond a certain limit! When I went beyond my Krishna**, my life changed dramatically. Hence the name. When you come out of your comfort zone, thats when reality will strike and you start learning what life really is. I do miss the comfort and coziness I enjoyed with Him, but walking beyond that limit has sure taught me several facts of life. I am what I am now coz I met my Krishna and he still lives in me!

Want to write a  little more on my Krishna, however cant help wondering how much a striking resemblence he has to Lord Krishna 🙂

Lord Krishna is a deity worshiped across many traditions in Hinduism in a variety of perspectives. They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.Often, Krishna is pictured with his gopi-consort Radha.Krishna married with 16,108 wives,of which eight were chief—including Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati.In Vaishnava traditions, Krishna’s wives are believed to be forms of the goddess Lakshmi—consort of Vishnu, or special souls who attained this qualification after many lifetimes of austerity, while his primary queen Satyabhama, is an expansion of Radha.Krishna is also interpreted as meaning “all-attractive one”.(thanks to Wikipedia)

Krishna & Radha



This summer like every other year made everyone in chennai say “Phew, last summer wasnt this bad, its terrible now”. It was raining cats and dogs all over the state, but not a drop in Chennai. The rain was dodging us, in the last 20 days like a cat and mouse game. It used to slighty drizzle and before we could realize it was raining, it would stop 😦


A Jr wanted to go for a swim at 5 pm yesterday. We went to the aquatic complex nearby. He was swimming happily and then it started to get dark.I alerted him to come out of the pool and take a shower. Like every other 5 year old he readily disagreed, and continued to swim 😛

It started to drizzle and he started to love the feeling of getting wet by rain and swimming in the pool.It started to rain heavily and I almost yelled at him looking at the weather. Then he finally listened to me and came out of the pool with a long face. I was momentarily guilty, for having spoilt the fun 😦

Once he was out, I asked him if he wanted to go for another dip, his eyes were gleaming 😉 He jumped in joy and went and played for some more time. And then it poured..Almost everyone left the pool due to the rain. We both were the only ones there!

The rain slashed the city. Trees were swaying and there was plenty of water running down the streets.After he was content, with his swim,he looked at me and asked if we could leave, I smiled. Then we quickly got ready and and I helped him with his raincoat and we zoomed back home in the bike.Went home, made some toast and cocoa for the little wonder, we pulled up a chair and looked out at the downpour as he was quietly sipping the cuppa,sitting on my lap all curled up! He hates to get  his feet wet(Jus like me)!  A beautiful feeling to enjoy the weather with your loved ones. 

Rain is something people would long for, but once it starts, they start to crib about hygiene, inability to leave the house and consider it as an an inconvenience 🙂 But A Jr and I love it! This evening it was so much fun to experience swimming in the rain.

What an eventful evening!

Got reminded of this bumper sticker on facebook, it says 

So there’s this boy…………. 

He kind of stole my heart

 he calls me “mom”! 



Posted on: July 17, 2009



The words we utter have a great effect. Some spilt here andthere hurt people. I experienced this today. Amidst all these repercussions, my little one A Jr, gives me a smile and an ubbbba**. I look at him and smile back. A kid knows when exactly to smile. Thanks to him, my cherub!

** kiss

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The change

Posted on: July 15, 2009

There are few things I’d like to change around me.

1. HONKING – This should be CHANGED. I hate to hear the honking noise. When really needed, please do, but where there’s no soul in front of you blocking your way or barring traffic rules why the *#!%  do you honk???

2.INDIAN PENAL CODE – How relevant can the IPC be when it is totally outdated.Crimes and Criminals have greatly changed from the time IPC was drafted.

3. APPLICATION OF STUDY – Why dont our educational systems teach students  first aid care, CPR, cooking for oneself, driving, gardening, martial arts, filing a complaint at any public office (police stn / EB /Corporation etc) ? Are’nt those inevitable to us??

4.  UNIFORM– If uniforms are provided in school for considering every student the same, why is it not followed at all offices?Makes life more simpler.

5. PUBLIC TRANSPORT – I really appreciate cities where metro rail helps us a lot like Chennai,Mumbai,Kolkata. How about all other growing cities adapting to the same. Also when do the state transport plan to upgrade their buses?

6. PUBLIC TOILETS – Please , these need a change! Why do we hesitate to use the public toilets – unclean,stinky,yuck – how many words come to us when I say that! There should be a sanitation ministry I feel. Not to forget train toilets 😦 and the airport toilets.

7. HERBAL crap – If cosmetic products are created from aloe,bergamot,lime,honey,milk,fruits etc why the heck do we buy these,might as well buy the above natural resource and use it.

8. ORGANIC – Dude, we Indians were always using organic manure that was cheap in cost.It was other countries who made us use fertilizers and now all are getting back to square one and charge a whopping amount for such organic produce!

9. CLOTHES and EYES – A woman wears what she wants. Please refrain LADIES AND GENTLEMEN to give her those horrid looks, to make her feel uncomfortable. She knows what she is wearing and you dont need to teach her. If you have any suggestions, please use it yourself.

10. TELEVISION – When I was a child, DD promptly used to shut down all its programs by 10 I guess and resumed at 6 am. Why has this been changed? Why do we have 24X7 relay of programs? Isnt that an unwanted service. If you dont agree, please let me know how many of you’ll watch TV at 4 am..

ooh too much of feelings … time to relax .. cya 😉


Posted on: July 14, 2009

Who is a soulmate? Have you met yours?

Here is a wonderful read from Paulo’s Brida that explains more about this subject. I reread this so many times, coz I can relate to this concept so well. I met my soulmate — yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 🙂

From the book of Paulo Coelho – “Brida”
“We are eternal because we are all manifestations of God.That is why we go through many lives and many deaths, emerging out of some unknown place and going toward another equally unknown place. You must get used to the fact that there are many things in magic which are not and never will be explained. God decided to do certain things in a certain way and why He did this is a secret known only to Him.
The fact is that this happens.
And when people think of reincarnation, they always come up against a very difficult question: if, in the beginning, there was so few people on the face of Earth, and now there are so many, where did all those new souls come from?The answer is simple.In certain reincarnations, we divide into two. Our souls divide as do crystals and stars, cells and plants.Our souls divides in two, and those new souls are in turn transformed into two and so, within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of Earth.And does only one of those parts know who it is???
We form part of what the alchemists call the Anima Mundi, the soul of the world. The truth is that if the Anima Mundi were merly to keep dividing, it would keep growing, but it would also become gradually weaker. That is why, as well as dividing into two, we also find ourselves. And that process of finding ourselves is called Love. Because when a soul divides, it always divides into a male part and a female part.That’s how the Book of Genesis explains it: the soul of Adam was split in two, and Eve was born out of him.
In each life, we feel a mysterious obligation to find at least one of those Soul Mates.
The Greater Love that separated them feels pleased with the Love that brings them together again.
But how will i know who my Soul Mate is??? By taking risks.
By risking failures, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.
Is it possible to meet more than one Soul Mate in each life?Yes.
The essence of Creation is one and one alone. And the essence is called Love.Love is the force that brings us back together, in order to condense the experience disperesed in many lives and many parts of the world.
We are responsible for the whole Earth because we do not know where they might be. Those Soul Mates we were from the beginning of time. If they are well, then we, too, will be happy. If they are not well, we will suffer, however unconsciously, a portion of their pain. Above all, though, we are responsible for reencountering, at least once in every incarnation, the Soul Mate who is sure to cross our path. Even if it is only for a matter of moments, because those moments bring with them a Love so intense that it justifies the rest of our days.
We can also allow our Soul Mate to pass us by, without accepting him or her, or even noticing. Then we will need another incarnation in order to find that Soul Mate. And because of our selfishness, we will be condemned to the worst torture of humankind ever invented for itself: LONELINESS.
happy thinking!!!

Dinner with S

Posted on: July 14, 2009

My cousin S came over for dinner on Sunday. This is the first time she is visiting me. Her daughter,husband accompanied her.S and I are of the same age and are third cousins to be precise. Am supposed to call her “chithi” lol, but never did.

We share some beautiful memories together. I have spent days with her during my vacations when I was in school. She lived in the same place where my grand parents live, so anytime we are in my granny’s place, I am set to visit her atleast once. It was a time when there were no mobile phones, so my mom used to leave me in her place and then pick me up after 3-4 days. No inbetween calls to find out if “is she eating, is she comfortable” like we do today. I used to wear S’ clothes when at her place and she used to wear mine. We used to play all day with her lovely set of “choppu jaaman” (read little utensils in a kitchen set). Her father used to take us to their grocery shop, and we used to munch “naturo” mango bars,  five stars(that came with a golden brown cover),raisins and if nothing was given, handful of wholewheat popped in the mouth that turns into a white chewing gum like stuff 🙂  !

I very clearly remember, sometime in 1990 or so, there were some cute stickers that we can stick on our watch dials, and S gifted me a whole sheet of them… wow how I cherished them. S’ mom was an awesome cook and I can never forget how she always made “mundiri kothu” ( a sweet delicacy made in South India, with gram flour,jaggery and channa dhall) and “suyyam aka susiyam”(another sweet dish , little softer than the former). Yummmm…

When I had completed my graduation and wanted to look for a job, I came to Chennai where S lives. S got married then. I went straight to her place and stayed there for a month – thats the relationship we share. We had a wonderful time together then.S then went to south east asia and then to London,and is now in Chennai again.

We met after say 6-7 years and we had so much to speak about.. It is indeed good to meet old pals like this. Friendship is a beautiful thing and when its with someone in the family, its even more beautiful. Love you S. Wish you a wonderful life.

Down memory lane