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A swim in the rain

Posted on: July 20, 2009



This summer like every other year made everyone in chennai say “Phew, last summer wasnt this bad, its terrible now”. It was raining cats and dogs all over the state, but not a drop in Chennai. The rain was dodging us, in the last 20 days like a cat and mouse game. It used to slighty drizzle and before we could realize it was raining, it would stop 😦


A Jr wanted to go for a swim at 5 pm yesterday. We went to the aquatic complex nearby. He was swimming happily and then it started to get dark.I alerted him to come out of the pool and take a shower. Like every other 5 year old he readily disagreed, and continued to swim 😛

It started to drizzle and he started to love the feeling of getting wet by rain and swimming in the pool.It started to rain heavily and I almost yelled at him looking at the weather. Then he finally listened to me and came out of the pool with a long face. I was momentarily guilty, for having spoilt the fun 😦

Once he was out, I asked him if he wanted to go for another dip, his eyes were gleaming 😉 He jumped in joy and went and played for some more time. And then it poured..Almost everyone left the pool due to the rain. We both were the only ones there!

The rain slashed the city. Trees were swaying and there was plenty of water running down the streets.After he was content, with his swim,he looked at me and asked if we could leave, I smiled. Then we quickly got ready and and I helped him with his raincoat and we zoomed back home in the bike.Went home, made some toast and cocoa for the little wonder, we pulled up a chair and looked out at the downpour as he was quietly sipping the cuppa,sitting on my lap all curled up! He hates to get  his feet wet(Jus like me)!  A beautiful feeling to enjoy the weather with your loved ones. 

Rain is something people would long for, but once it starts, they start to crib about hygiene, inability to leave the house and consider it as an an inconvenience 🙂 But A Jr and I love it! This evening it was so much fun to experience swimming in the rain.

What an eventful evening!

Got reminded of this bumper sticker on facebook, it says 

So there’s this boy…………. 

He kind of stole my heart

 he calls me “mom”! 



2 Responses to "A swim in the rain"

Aww.. Isn’t he a darling boy! Nice to hear he’s turned out to be an avid swimmer like his mom 🙂 Cute pool pic, good shot. Am I missing to spot him in there? The left most one, perhaps?

Loved reading about the cozy moments at home. The last three lines sums it up all!

Nice write up on the rain too. Chennaiyil oru mazhaikkaalam.. enjoy! And do take care!

Thanks dear. The pic was just a download from the internet.
//The last three lines sums it up all!// 🙂
yeah chennai rains indeed !!

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