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Nice Thought

Posted on: July 28, 2009

small round icecream cake with cherries


Read this in TOI today .. loved the quote. It set a thinking cloud in me early in the morning.. So many times in life we are treated this way.. Enjoy the thinking! Catch you soon.

“So, let’s put it like this: I asked for a small round ice-cream cake with a cherry on top… and I got a 3-tier German chocolate cake with an extra supply of mango soufflé and butter cookies!! Now, that’s great. But the point is… where is my “small round ice-cream cake with a cherry on top?? Is that too much to ask for?”

Another way to look at this is, be happy and content when  life offers you something more when you ask for less? If that be the case, should we be thankful for what we recieved or grieve that we didnt get what we wanted??

Thinking cloud rising ….. 🙂

(image courtesy: bbcgoodfood site)


2 Responses to "Nice Thought"

Wow.. simple words, deep thought. Really set me thinking..

I reckon a part of us will still grieve over that small round ice-cream cake with a cherry on top. A 3-tier german choc. cake is indeed a big deal, but it’s just not the same.

Wish I could have a go at that tantalizing cake.. drooling. 🙂

While on the subject, I was thinking.. Amma’s regular sambhar/rice vs a free five course meal at a star hotel.. which one we’d like to receive*? Bigger isn’t always necessarily better..

Btw, like the tag cloud on the top, don’t like few of the words I see there 🙂

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