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                       My first mobile phone was a Nokia 2100.. I got this for the dumb reason that every other person in my first team had this. It had a very userfriendly menu and it was my first association with NOKIA phones. Till date am not as comfy as I am with this company’s mobile, when compared to a SonyEric(most confusing) or a Samsung (2100horrible  !!).
I got this as soon as I found a job in Bangalore. Came in handy when I wanted to talk to my near and dear ones. Still a good phone and had all what we require to make or recieve calls and to message. period! No super dooper facilities in it.  I was happy with this one.
After using it for a year or so, my mind started to look for a fancy mobile,  with color display, MMS, camera,etc. I also wanted something like a slide or open out mobile handset, a little expensive and glossy. I found a really sleek one, small compact one – Nokia 6111!  A collegue’s husband had gifted her with this one from the middle east. I loved it the moment I saw it. Didnt want to buy in Bangalore, so came down to Chennai and bought it in Univercell with my friend. He drove me all the way to this outlet in Besant Nagar(that was when Univercell started up). I bought it for 11000 and loved it a lot. I exchanged my 2100 for 1500 bucks, after buying it for 6000!!!
                                                     This mobile was the first one in my mobile saga to fail miserably. The display went blank after some time and disappointed me .. Also the sim card was difficult to insert and replace. But the phone looked great from outside. I truly appreciated the megapixel camera, and the flash ! Took many memorable pics and vidoes with this !! I got introduced to MMS only through this phone 🙂
                                               Then moved to Chennai, went to Nokia priority just opposite to Satyam cinemas. We had booked tickets for a movie there, and had to while away 20 minutes. Our generation has a ridiculous habit of overspending and buying nonsense when we just have nothing else to do. We either overspend or eat when we are free I feel. So off goes another 5000 bucks for a new phone. Husband dear loved this phone and the docking system that came free with this phone which now sleeps in my attic amongst other junk! He is the reason for this expenditure – goes without saying!! A Jr broke my mom’s phone so I parted ways with my phone!! I forgot the model so cant google for the image… Nokia 6xxx I guess!! I had it for hardly 3-4 months 🙂
                               I had got this unlocked smart phone for dad on June 3rd 2007 from the US. Its a palm treo 680.I bought it in the Palm store in San Francisco Airport at around 10 pm 🙂  Dad loved it, but was a little jittery to use it owing to its size and features. He was baffled with its n many features (Back in 2007,a hifi phone like this would seriously scare any elderly person in India).So it was in mom’s cupboard cum bureau happily sleeping. treo-680
                                        After I gave my phone to mom, I was happy with my phonelessness!! hee hee… (these days when every college goer, milk man, maid, pookari (flower seller), kai kara paati(vegetable vendor) has one,Iwas looked upon as if I was an alien on this planet!  How can you be, without a mobile phone, my friends used to ask me. “You mean everytime I need to talk to you, I need to dial to your hubby’s phone and ask him to give the phone to you??????????” my sisters asked! Oh yeah -that was the practice in the good old land line days!! 🙂 Not  the husband’s phone though, it was common to every home had one land line. I still remember our first phone at home 25928! A red phone we had to put our fingers into the respective digit and pull till the end to dial! True dialing !!! STD, Trunk Calls, phonogram — lovely memories!!
                                          So my mom suggested “unga appaku nee thantha phone summa than iruku, eduthu use pannu, ilana thuru giru pudichirapothu .. lol (translation: the phone that you gifted dad is not being used, use that, else it may rust!)”.. And hence here I am using a Palm Treo 🙂 Nice one, like it. A Jr loves the concept of “Touch screen” wherever it is used. Be it my iPod Touch or this phone .. he gives a nakkal siripu (chuckle in ridicule) at other ipods/phones when he has these gadgets in hand.. These kids!! He asked my dad to gift him a touch screen TV and laptop for his birthday. Should I say dad was flabbergasted at this gift idea!! A Jr is a guy with      B-I-G dreams indeed.
                                     Thats it with the mobile saga..buzz me when you can.  adios amigos for now!!  

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