Exceeding every limit possible

About ‘A’

               29/F/India. ‘A’ remembers special people in her life and dwells in memories with them. She reads plenty of books, and carries them wherever she goes — to office, vacations, travel, loo(!!?) and loves to blog. She enjoys listening to music (Tamil, English and Hindi) and cant help corrolating special moments and people with her fav.songs.  Is a Wierdo – Emotional,Senti and lovable. A likes to be with friends, at the same time, hates to be possessed – typical scorpio!  She indulges herself in spa’s and sticks to a brand for her personal stuff. Loves to play badminton and DXball. A is glad she met her soulmate in life. Fav. authors include Paulo Coelho and Balakumaran. Read the blog, to know more. 

In short A is worth reading!


Down memory lane


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