Exceeding every limit possible


First Cry : 8-nov-79 ,8.08 am,Thursday

When I say God : Ganesha

Ipod: Apple Touch 8 GB

Phone :Palm Treo

Best day to do anything: Thursday

Ipod starts singing :  Annie’s song

Comfy in: Jeans & Tee

Hangout: Eliotts Beach,Madras

Taste buds: Sambhar any time

Drive: Honda City / Activa

Am I free, I will: blog or read

Feels good : To hold hands with my loved one and walk on the beach on an evening, jeans rolled up to the knees ,bare feet sinking in the sand…

Collection: Old greeting cards and memories

Still love: Bovonto

Movies: P.S. I love you

Sitcom: Seinfield, Hope & faith

Remote: Food network – yummo

Tours with: With M in the US of A, she is the best companion

Mom: Best friend

Dad: Still scared of , the second best man on earth lol

Marriage: Parent’s responsibility  – done!

Children: other’s kids are nice,sweet,obedient &  cute .Yours – test of patience, watching a bit of your heart walking in front of u, but they add loads ‘a meaning to your life

Sisters/brothers : Friends you can always turn to.

Set foot on : India, United States, Germany,Middle East ,South East Asia

School buddies: Friends for life

Teachers : Teach you what life is , my fav. Shanti ma’am,Nirmala ma’am & Sudhakaran Sir

School : Vikaasa the best!

Destination Next: 25º 17′ N and 51º 32′ E





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