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The change

Posted on: July 15, 2009

There are few things I’d like to change around me.

1. HONKING – This should be CHANGED. I hate to hear the honking noise. When really needed, please do, but where there’s no soul in front of you blocking your way or barring traffic rules why the *#!%  do you honk???

2.INDIAN PENAL CODE – How relevant can the IPC be when it is totally outdated.Crimes and Criminals have greatly changed from the time IPC was drafted.

3. APPLICATION OF STUDY – Why dont our educational systems teach students  first aid care, CPR, cooking for oneself, driving, gardening, martial arts, filing a complaint at any public office (police stn / EB /Corporation etc) ? Are’nt those inevitable to us??

4.  UNIFORM– If uniforms are provided in school for considering every student the same, why is it not followed at all offices?Makes life more simpler.

5. PUBLIC TRANSPORT – I really appreciate cities where metro rail helps us a lot like Chennai,Mumbai,Kolkata. How about all other growing cities adapting to the same. Also when do the state transport plan to upgrade their buses?

6. PUBLIC TOILETS – Please , these need a change! Why do we hesitate to use the public toilets – unclean,stinky,yuck – how many words come to us when I say that! There should be a sanitation ministry I feel. Not to forget train toilets 😦 and the airport toilets.

7. HERBAL crap – If cosmetic products are created from aloe,bergamot,lime,honey,milk,fruits etc why the heck do we buy these,might as well buy the above natural resource and use it.

8. ORGANIC – Dude, we Indians were always using organic manure that was cheap in cost.It was other countries who made us use fertilizers and now all are getting back to square one and charge a whopping amount for such organic produce!

9. CLOTHES and EYES – A woman wears what she wants. Please refrain LADIES AND GENTLEMEN to give her those horrid looks, to make her feel uncomfortable. She knows what she is wearing and you dont need to teach her. If you have any suggestions, please use it yourself.

10. TELEVISION – When I was a child, DD promptly used to shut down all its programs by 10 I guess and resumed at 6 am. Why has this been changed? Why do we have 24X7 relay of programs? Isnt that an unwanted service. If you dont agree, please let me know how many of you’ll watch TV at 4 am..

ooh too much of feelings … time to relax .. cya 😉


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